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Updates on Admission Process

Starting January 25, 2014, the Admission officers at the Guidance office shall be able to cater to applicants from Monday to Friday 8:00 – 5:00 PM (Mornings: Interviews; Afternoons: Examinations) and Saturday 8:00 – 12:00 (Entrance Examinations); 1:00-4:00 PM (Entrance Interview).

Applicants interested to come for the Saturday schedule should have paid the Examination fee of PhP 500.00 at the Velez College cashier upon appearance for the exam.

Velez College Enrollment Guidelines & Information


Based on the status of the student applicant or prospective student and the academic program that he desires to enroll, academic entrance requirements vary. The College reserves the right to refuse any student applicant whose qualifications do not meet with the standards or entrance requirements of the academic program he wishes to enroll.

    1. Form 138-A (Fourth Year High School Report Card)
    2. Original NSO Birth Certificate
    3. Certificate of Good Moral Character duly signed by the school authority
    4. Two (2) copies of recently taken 2 x 2 colored pictures
    5. For Applicants to the College of Nursing: A Nursing Aptitude Test will be scheduled for those seeking admission, the details of which will be announced.
    6. For Applicants to the College of Physical Therapy and College of Occupational Therapy: Qualifying examination is required for those seeking admission to the college. An average grade of at least 80% or its equivalent in the Report Card or Form 138 is also required.
    7. Physical Examination given by Cebu Velez General Hospital after completing the above requirements and passing the entrance examination and personal interviews.

    1. Certificate of Transfer Credential
    2. Informative copy of credits earned with grades for reference
    3. Original NSO Birth Certificate
    4. Certificate of Good Moral Character duly signed by the School Authority


Foreign students are those belonging or owing allegiance to a country other than the Philippines and studying in any educational institution recognized or owned by the government of the Philippines. For further inquiries about the guidelines for foreign students, please contact the Registrar’s Office.

It shall also include an application fee of U.S. $80 or its prevailing peso equivalent. The Registrar shall forward the same documents to the Department of Foreign Affairs, copy furnished the Commission on Higher Education, Manila. A copy of the notice of acceptance to the College will be sent to the applicant. Only upon receipt of these documents from the College should an overseas student make an application for a Visa.

    1. In accordance with the regulation of the Commission on Higher Education and other government agencies supervising foreign students, no foreign student should be allowed to enroll unless he can submit a valid permit to study or student’s visa to the Registrar’s Office, Foreign Students Section.
    2. Philippine – born foreign students must submit two photocopies of their Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR) and Native Born Certificate of Registration (NBCR) which must be certified against the original by the Commission on Higher Education or Bureau of Immigration
    3. Children of naturalized Filipino citizens should submit a copy of Identification Certificate issued by the Bureau of Immigration, certified against the original by the Regional Office or by the Commission on Higher Education, Region VII.
    4. Foreign – born alien students must submit two photocopies of their Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR) which must be certified against the original by the BI Regional Office or by the Commission on Higher Education, Region VII.
    5. Overseas students should apply for admission to the College Registrar. The application shall include the following documents duly authenticated by the Philippine Foreign Service Post located in the Students Country of Origin or Legal Residence.
      1. Original or Certified three copies of scholastic records
      2. Personal History Statement (5 copies)
      3. A duly notarized Affidavit of Support (3 copies) with Bank Statement.
      4. Passport
      5. Birth Certificate

    Special students are those who are not entitled to receive official credits for the work which they desire to take because they do not satisfy the requirements for admission to the course or subject, or for any other reason.

    Special students may be admitted to the course they wish to attend at any time provided that:

    1. They receive the approval of the Dean and/or Department Chairman for each of the courses they propose to participate in;
    2. They execute the contract in which they waive the right to receive and to demand credits for the work done. (Manual of Regulations for Private Schools, Art. XIII Section 65); and
    3. They settle all school accounts in full payment at the time of enrolment.


    1. All students should enroll in person, not by proxy, during the scheduled registration period. The College does not permit registration in “absentia”.
    2. A student is considered officially enrolled in the collegiate course if he submits the appropriate credentials or admission requirements on or before the end of the enrolment period for the school term and if he makes an initial payment of school fee and has validated class admission slips and duly signed study load that shall authorize him to attend classes.
    3. A student desiring to register in a College curriculum should first consult the Dean of his College for competent advice on department policies and for proper assignment of courses or subjects.
    4. No student may enroll simultaneously in two schools without prior approval of the Commission on Higher Education. Violation of this rule may cancel his right to earn credits for work done in both schools.
    5. A student whose private and public behavior is manifestly at variance with the formulated vision, mission and goals of the institution shall be advised to seek re-admission elsewhere. Velez College reserves the right to refuse re-admission to undesirable students.
    6. The name and other personal data of a student as indicated on his original Birth Certificate or Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR) and Native Born Certificate of Registration (NBCR) shall prevail.
    7. With the approval of the College Dean, a student may change subjects or curriculum during the enrolment period by filing the prescribed form with the Registrar and with the Cashier for adjustment of fees. Changes or adjustments of subjects or curriculum or schedule are not permitted after the enrolment period or the scheduled adjustment period.
    8. A student who fails to register during the scheduled registration period may be allowed to enrol with the Registrar and Dean’s approval within one (1) week after the lapse of the registration period but subject to a certain penalty of Php 300.00 per day. Thereafter, no further enrolment shall be allowed. Missed class days shall be recorded as absences by instructors.

Students with two (2) failures can be enrolled or re-enrolled as the case may be, only when they agree to carry 70% of the study load they had during the term immediately preceding their application for enrolment or re-enrolment.

Failure in another two or more subject again means disqualification from enrolment in Velez College. Students in this extreme case are advised to seek admission elsewhere.

Specially, Nursing students are disqualified from continuing the program if:

    1. They have failures in two subjects during a semester
    2. They have a failure in any subject in successive semesters.

Nursing students with one failure are allowed to enroll a maximum of 12 units during the semester. If the failure is a pre-requisite subject, they are not allowed to enrol in the succeeding subject. A failure in Related Learning Experience (RLE) requires the students to repeat another semester of clinical practice.

Requirements for re-enrolment in case of failures are specific to every discipline. Students are advised to consult their Department Dean or Chairman.


Cross enrollment is discouraged and shall be subject to institutional policies, rules and regulations. However, for valid reasons as determined by, and with the written consent of the institution he is regularly enrolled in, a student may be permitted to cross enroll in another institution in subject loads not normally offered during that particular term.

At the discretion of the institution a request for cross enrollment may be allowed in accordance with the institution’s academic policies and standards on retention, promotion, transfer and cross-enrollment, and only the circumstances as follows;

    1. When the desired subjects are not offered by the institution the student is enrolled in, during the term of the requesting student’s enrollment, usually as a result of changes or revisions in the curriculum.
    2. When the subjects are offered, but their schedules are conflict with the requesting student’s other class scheduled and it is a requirement prior to internship program or graduation.
    3. When the student intends to spend the school term in his home province or region and enrolls in subjects offered by an institution located therein, provided that, such request is in accordance with the accepting institution’s policy on permit to study.
    4. The subject is closed, dissolved or in conflict with another subject, and the student is in his/her terminal term.
    5. Graduating students can cross-enroll in other schools if the subject they lack for graduation is not offered in this school, usually as a result of changes or revision in the curriculum.

A student need not secure the clearance from the Commission to cross-enroll, provided that the total subject loads do not exceed the allowable number of units per school term.



A student’s normal semester academic load is prescribed by the curriculum in which the student is enrolled. If a student enrolls in the total number of units or in all subjects prescribed by the curriculum, he is considered “full time”. This full academic load usually consists of not less than 18-24 units or as may be provided by the respective curriculum.

    1. A student’s subject load and sequence shall be in accordance with the approved curriculum of each program.
    2. In general, no student is allowed to take any advanced subject unless he/she has passed the pre-requisite subject or subjects.
    3. Upon discretion of school authorities, graduating students may be allowed and additional load of six units in excess of the regular load indicated in the prescribed curriculum.

A student must enroll in Physical Education subjects in sequence, one subject every semester. Simultaneous enrolment in two P.E. subjects for graduation purposes is not allowed.


Civic Welfare Training Services requires the students to conduct projects and activities and to listen to lectures about concepts of loyalty, patriotism, nation-building, civic consciousness and other values. These projects, lectures, activities and programs are designed to encourage the youth to contribute in the improvement of the general welfare and the quality of life for the local community and its various institutional components, specifically, in terms of health, education, safety, livelihood and the morale of the citizenry.

Internship as a curricular requirement in particular courses such as Medical Technology and PT/OT Internship or Nursing Related Learning Experience cannot be credited in lieu of the CWTS projects or activities.

The CWTS fees to be collected should not be more than fifty percent (50%) of the charges of the school per academic units.


Payments of tuition fees and other school fees may be made in full upon registration or in installment terms according to the mode of payments set by Velez College.


The College accepts full payment of tuition and other school fees during enrolment. However, in case of additional assessment that may be applied during the term enrolled by the student in view of whatever rate increases in tuition and other school fees that the College may implement, the payment made upon enrolment shall be considered an advanced payment or initial payment.

A student who pays in full during the enrolment is entitled to a 5% discount of the Final assessment of tuition fees except for Medical Technology and PT/OT interns and for the second, third and fourth year Bachelor of Science in Nursing students.


Students who pay by Installments shall observe the following schedule of payments:

    1. 50% of the total school fees upon enrolment or a minimum of Php. 10,000.00
    2. 75% of the total school fees shall be paid before mid-term examinations
    3. Remaining balance shall be paid before final examinations.

Fee discounts may be availed of by two (2) brothers and/or sisters enrolled the same time at 5% of the tuition fees of each.

In case a student is qualified to avail of two or more privileges such as scholarships for honor students, discount privileges for brothers or sisters, faculty privileges and others, only one discount of the student’s choice can be availed of.


A student who withdraws from a subject or the whole course shall be charged as follows regardless of whether or not he has attended classes:

  1. within the first week of classes 25% of all fees
  2. within the second week of classes 50 % of all fees
  3. after the second week of classes 100% of all fees

Final make up for Related Learning Experiences of the Nursing graduating students must be complied on or before the scheduled commencement rites, after which, they shall be charged based on existing RLE fees.

Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Medical Technology graduating students, the penalty for their extension must be based on the existing rate of their respective colleges.


Velez College grants academic privileges and student scholarship assistance to qualified and deserving students


    1. Valedictorian (from class of at least 30 students) shall be granted a full-tuition privilege for one semester.

    2. Salutatorian (from a class of at least 30 students) shall be granted a half-tuition privilege for one semester.

    3. First Honorable Mention (from a class of at least 80 students) shall be granted a half-tuition privilege for one semester.

    4. All applicants for the above-cited privilege must:

      1. present a letter from their school principal certifying their rank in the honor roll and indicating the number of students in their class.
      2. not enjoy any other scholarship or privilege
      3. not engage in any gainful occupation
      4. carry the normal load of their curriculum
      5. not be liable for violation of student’s disciplinary sanctions
    1. the student must be in the Dean’s List (Honor List) with a general average of 1.8 (87%) or above for the preceding semester. 100% free-tuition privilege will be granted to the first (no. 1) ranking student, carrying the regular study load with no grade below 2.0 (85%), among at least 50 students in the same curriculum year.

      50 % discount on tuition fee shall be awarded to the second (no. 2) ranking student under the same conditions.

      If below 50 students enrolled in the same curriculum year, computation of scholarship discount will be prorated since the number of students enrolled has not met.

      If there are more than 150 students in a curriculum year, a 75 % discount on tuition fee shall be awarded to the second highest ranking student; 50% discount on tuition fee, to the third and 25% discount on tuition fee, to the fourth. This scholarship is granted on a semestral basis, and it is non-transferable from one curriculum to another.

    2. To qualify for the above-cited privileges, a student must:

        1. be in need of financial help
        2. be enjoying no other scholarship or privilege
        3. not be engaged in any gainful occupation
        4. carry the normal load of his curriculum
        5. not have violated any disciplinary sanction of the school
        6. apply for this scholarship before the succeeding semester, failure to apply will forfeit his/her privilege
        7. applicable only when the student is officially enrolled in the succeeding regular semester and did not file a withdrawal of enrolment.

Presidential Decree No. 577 grants educational benefits for dependents of deceased or incapacitated military personnel. Applicants should present a Letter of Award from Camp General Emilio Aguinaldo, Quezon City.

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