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August 7, 2014

By Ruchin Polancos

Notwithstanding the recurring downpour of rain, the College of Occupational Therapy traversed their way to Paradise Garden Events Pavilion for an unforgettable “RED CARPET” night of fun and excitement during their annual Acquaintance Party held last July 26, 2014.

 As one of the school year’s most awaited affairs, the aforesaid event gathered the student populace and the OT faculty as they reestablished bonds and welcomed the new members of the community. The students’ impressive metamorphosis marked one of the highlights of the event as they paraded through the place wearing their exquisite and fancy ensembles with dazzling smiles and sophisticated grace.

The first part of the program, hosted by the third year students, Charmaine Tan and Alyza Miole, commenced at eight o’ clock in the evening beginning with an opening prayer by Charilyn Lopez which lead to the feasting of the banquet meticulously prepared by the organizers.

The emcees for the night entertained the students with a game of “Guess Who” by showing an array of throwback pictures of the OT faculty. As the night wore on, a series of dance and song demonstrations were presented by the students and showcased the magnificent skills and talents of the Occupational Therapy students.

Zoids, the PTOT dance troop, blew our minds away with a hair-standing and jaw-dropping dance number that not only anchored us to our seats but spurred us to action with loud and energetic howls and cheers and thunderous applause.

At the end of the night, an accolade of awards were given out to the students and teachers who stood out like a diamond in a sea of pearls.

Photos by Ruchin Polancos

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