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April 15th, 2019
[table id=1 /] Please prepare the following requirements for submission: Original PSA (Birth Certificate)Original Senior High School Card with "eligibility for admission to college"Original Good Moral Character2 pcs. 2x2 colored picture with white background...Read More
May 4th, 2019
VCET result for April 6, 2019 will be released on May 6, 2019....Read More
April 16th, 2019
All incoming first years are required to have their Physical and Laboratory Examinations at Cebu Velez General Hospital (CVGH) before enrollment. Please follow the procedure below. PROCEDURE Before Medical Examination Choose a date from the schedule allotted per program (please see schedule below). Call the OSSA/Guidance at (032)253-2018 for scheduling. Only 20 students will be accommodated per day, 10 students in the morning, 10 students in the afternoon, first come first served...Read More
May 10th, 2018
ATTENTION INCOMING FIRST YEAR STUDENTS SY 2018-2019 For more information... Click HERE...Read More
April 7th, 2018
Enrollment Announcements 2018...Read More
February 6th, 2018
Applicants  who passed the VCET for November 25, 2017, December 18, 2017 and December 19, 2017 must   reserve their slots on or before February 28,2018.  Failure to reserve your slot and pay the non-refundable reservation fee within the specified schedule will automatically mean forfeiture of your slot....Read More
September 1st, 2014
by: Christine C. Ruedas, MM-IHSM DIP PE Sogod (verb) - a word in the Visayan dialect which means START, BEGIN; derived from the word "sinugdanan" (translation: the beginning) Sogod (noun) - a municipality approximately 61 km (38 miles) north from Cebu City; one of the places hardest hit by Super Typhoon Haiyan. The entire Velez College staff and students gave upon invitation to donate in kind to these people. The donations were brought by the College of Physical Therapy interns in...Read More
August 28th, 2014
by: Christine C. Ruedas, MM-IHSM DIP PE Typhoon Haiyan heralded the birth of baby Jay-R. His mother braved the storm of epic proportions, literally crawling through uprooted trees and debris, leaving behind her husband and 3 sons (in Leyte) just so Jay-R could receive medical help. You see, this little one was born with myelomeningocele - a rare and severe form of spina bifida. It is a neural tube defect wherein the bones of the spine do not form completely, causing the spinal cord to stick ou...Read More
August 27th, 2014
Imagine a night where you get to meet your favorite fictional characters up close. Imagine getting introduced to them and shaking their hand. Now imagine actually talking, dancing and mingling with their crowd. Sounds super, doesn’t it? The College of Nursing actually got to do all that and more at Mandarin Plaza Hotel last July 12, 2014. Everyone—from the students to the teachers were dressed to the nines in their best impersonation of their favorite fictional character. There was Jack F...Read More
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