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Announcement: Incoming 1st yr MPE
August 15, 2022

For the incoming first year students:
This is the two-day schedule (August 16 and August 17) for the Medical and Physical Examination for the College of Nursing for the incoming first year students.
Time: 7:30AM -10:30AM

August 16, 2022 (Tuesday): BSN 1A & 1B
August 17, 2022 (Wednesday): BSN 1C & 1D

Please take note of these important steps and guidelines.
Medical and Physical Examination Steps:

  1. Registration (Signing of Attendance- c/o Ms. Feith Tundag, RN)
  2. Vital Signs Taking (c/o Ms. Feith Tundag, RN)
  3. Payment (c/o CVGH Cashier)
  4. Blood Extraction (c/o CVGH Med-Tech Department)
  5. Submission of stool and urine samples
  6. X-ray (c/o CVGH Rad-Tech Department)
  7. Physical Exam (c/o CVGH Physician)
  8. Please submit your MPE form to Ms. Feith Tundag once you are done with all the laboratories and physical exam

Please comply with the following guidelines:
o Please be early since Med-Tech department requires morning blood extraction.
o Follow health protocols: Always wear your face mask and face shield, and submit yourself to the triaging process.
o Must WEAR PLAIN WHITE T-SHIRT AND NO BUTTON BLOUSE/SHIRT. This is for chest p/a of the X-Ray procedure for hygiene purpose of limiting changing to hospital gowns.
o Submit your stool and urine samples on the same day of MPE schedule.
o Bring their school ID or tuition fee receipt, ball pen (black or blue ink), and payment.

MPE Rate and its inclusion:
• Female (Php 2,800): CBC; Stool Exam; Urinalysis; HBsAG (Quanti); Anti HBs (Quanti); Pregnancy test; Chest PA; and Physical Exam
• Male (Php 2,500): CBC; Stool Exam; Urinalysis; HBsAG (Quanti); Anti HBs (Quanti); Chest PA; and Physical Exam


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