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College of Arts and Sciences Flashbacks on Summer Vibe, James Bond Style!
August 12, 2014

By: Honey Mixdon

The College of Arts and Sciences celebrated their annual Acquaintance party with a bang! Dressed in hawaiian get ups equipped with state of the art water guns, the biology students and CAS teachers alike attended the hawaiian themed pool party held at Metropark Hotel, Lahug last friday, July 18.

The fun ambiance drew the perfect mood for welcoming the new faces in the biology department. Students, teachers and technicians all joined and participated in the games formulated by the masters of the ceremony making the event a blast.

A series of song and dance numbers were presented along with the highlight of the night, the selection of Mr and Ms Biology 2014.

After the program ended, all anonymity was completely eradicated. With water guns, water balloons and swimming pool at arms’ length, it was impossible not to get wet! You either get wet alone in the corner or run after the mate that splashed you. Truly it was an unforgettable evening!

Harnessing the joint efforts manning up the whole department, it was definitely a mission accomplished! Thanks to our very efficient SBO officers headed by SBO President RTJ EspaƱola together with SBO Adviser Mrs. Jovian Rizzari and the whole biology ohana.

Photos by Honey Mixdon

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