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Sparking Minds, Hearts, and Spirits
April 22, 2012

By: Paola Monique Tonelete

World Teachers’ Day held annually on the 5th of October since 1994 – created by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) – celebrates teachers worldwide.

All teachers and non-teaching staff were invited to a holy mass at the Cebu Velez General Hospital (CVGH) chapel last Oct. 5, 2011 12:15pm “…to celebrate great teachers and great teaching… and convey to all the educators greetings and best wishes for world teachers’ day”. The mass was celebrated by Fr. Suico with the accompaniment of the newly assembled Medtech chorale.

The event was mutually appreciated by the attendees; Dr. Carmen Velez, Mrs. Nona Velez, Dr. Josefina Poblete, the rest of the administration, the deans and the faculty of the different colleges and the staff of Velez College. Representing the students, Mr. Ebenezer Manzano, the president of the Supreme Student Council (SSC) gave a sincere message to the special assembly which is surely echoed by all the students;

“…We are proud of your dedication to the profession
and for the personal sacrifices you make to teach us.
We are delighted for your devotion to train our questing minds,
and for your inspiration for our hopeful hearts.

There is no substitute for education.
Firstly, because it’s the most precious gift you can give to students.
Second, because it’s the most critical investment in our future. And
lastly, because it’s the most effective strategy that will enable us to
survive and to thrive in an ever changing world.”

Dean Josephine Gonzales, the dean of CAS, delivered the teachers’ response with the thought of gratitude for the tribute. She emphasized that this was the first time that Teachers’ day was celebrated in Velez College. In conclusion, she affirmed that they all promise to continue to do what they love, teach students.

Light snacks were then served by the SSC and UCA (Union Classroom Assemblies) for the faculty, staff and students. Tokens were given to all faculty and staff of Velez College to make the day most memorable and fit for our excellent mentors.

“Once children learn how to learn, nothing is going to narrow their mind. The essence of teaching is to make learning contagious, to have one idea spark another.” — Marva Collins

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