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Vintage: Origin of Styles
April 22, 2012

By: Tonette Gambito

What would fashion be without it’s fore-runners. Grace Kelley, Marlon Brando, & Audrey Hepburn (only a few to name) – Style icons of the 1940’s & 50’s. In honor of their legacy in fashion the PT Aquaintance Party was dubbed Vintage : Origins of style.

Why Vintage? – purely the love for fashion.

On July 1 , 2011 at the Sinulog Ballroom of the City Sports Club. We were a transported back to the days where everyone dressed up just for the fun of it, as everyone came in their best Vintage attires. There was a Pre-Aquaitance Party gathering the day before at the EMVM where the faculty introduced themselves. Everyone had the chance to get familiar with the different levels.

With a venue that is that is constantly fully booked, it needed much organizing and planning to pull out such an event especially with the fast growing number of Freshmen each year. The Seniors right after class would be busy preparing from the ambiance of ballroom to the last detail of the night. After 2 weeks, their hardwork had finally paid off.

“Good food, well attended, accessible venue and kept to schedule as planned” as quoted from Ms. Tine Reudas.

Being new to a College Acquaintance Party a Freshman said, “ Having a test the next day ruined it. But the event, generally was great. Seeing people in their own concept of vintage was delighting!”

Awards were given to the deserving few as Best dressed of the night. Presentations from each year level entertained everyone in between the social games. And what would the night be without a movie montage wall – where everyone posed in their best outfits. Everyone tagged along a customized handy bacterial gel as a token for the night.

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