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Blast to the Past
April 22, 2012

MedTech Acquaintance Party
Denise Maranga, BSMT-2F

When the word ‘retro’ is said, what usually comes to mind are spandex clothes, big hair, platform shoes, bell bottoms, and the like. The Seventies, as it will – a time of good music and bad clothes (with emphasis on the clothes). How, then, would teenagers of this present day and age pull the true ‘retro’ look off without looking silly or outdated?

The MedTechs, however, were able to rock the retro image quite well at the MedTech acquaintance party held last July 9, 2011, at the Cebu International Convention Center (CICC). Decked out in bright colors and loud prints, the students of all year levels got to know each other over food, drinks, and the ever-present dance floor. Music was also a big part of the event – a good number of student bands and performers showcased their music and dance skills and entertained everyone throughout the night.

One of the main highlights of the program (emceed by Claudine Uy, Gilbert Cabataña, Jr. and Ralph Mission) was the annual MedTech pageant. Leslie Go and Gabrielle Velasco emerged victorious as Mr. and Ms. MedTech, respectively. Following closely behind at 1st runner-up position were Aldwin Latoga and Jessa Tagle; Benito Lantin and Christine Torralba came in at 2nd runner-up.

The MedTechs ended the event dancing the night away to loud music, dry ice clouds and multicolored klieg lights – a disco dance floor, as it will – as others took pictures and videos all over the venue, capturing the remaining moments of the party. The night ended on a good note, with everyone either going home or heading to afterparties with their friends, which proved one thing to be true. Despite the busy schedules and tons of schoolwork to attend to, MedTechs know how to unwind and have their fun, too.

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