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Arts & Sciences

Course Description

The College of Arts and Sciences offers a four-year program with Biology as its field of concentration.  The College provides all the students of Velez College with quality training in General Educations in the first two years during which period the students undergo intensive preparations for their professional courses and researches.

The program fortifies the students in their acquisition of knowledge, skills and attitudes in both basic scientific issues and advanced scientific innovations specifically in Bio-researches in the fields of flora and fauna.

The college further prepares the graduates of BS Biology to pursue any specialized studies in Botany, Zoology, Marine Biology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Biophysics and Physiology. Through the program the students may also pursue any of the health-related professions as well other related courses/fields like Agriculture, Zoological and Wildlife Management.  

The program, eventually, qualifies the graduates to work with medical and paramedical professional schools, graduate work in biology; research consultant in the pharmaceutical industry; scientific work in a research or industrial laboratory among others. The biology graduate may also work as an environmental scientist, biotechnologist, medical transcriptionist, medical representatives and mentors in the academe.

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