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Alumni News

April 22nd, 2012
MedTech Acquaintance Party Denise Maranga, BSMT-2F When the word ‘retro’ is said, what usually comes to mind are spandex clothes, big hair, platform shoes, bell bottoms, and the like. The Seventies, as it will – a time of good music and bad clothes (with emphasis on the clothes). How, then, would teenagers of this present day and age pull the true ‘retro’ look off without looking silly or outdated? The MedTechs, however, were able to rock the retro image quite well at the MedTec...Read More
April 22nd, 2012
By: Deva Christine T. Tojong Ever heard of the adage, “nursing and numbers often don’t mix?” Apparently, it’s the opposite. Last July 23rd, the VNAA (Velez College Alumni Association) sponsored the 3rd Annual Liliosa Lumbab Memorial Lecture at the Cebu City Sports Complex. The graduating batch from the College of Nursing had served part of the audience along with Velezian alumni dating back to Class ’76. The event was in line with the late Dean Liliosa Lumbab whose ideals aimed to pr...Read More
April 22nd, 2012
By Gladys Marie Lugtu Contributor: Christieanne Mantalaba July 29, 2011 marked a very memorable event for the Nursing Velezians of batch 1981 as they celebrated their 30th anniversary after having graduated from our Alma Mater. The event was formally started with a Eucharistic Celebration at the Velez College Chapel. The Reverend Father shared his homily based on the parable of the seeds, and asked questions to the Alumni present about their experiences and successes after graduating from the c...Read More
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